Stop Qualifying Your Prospects..Let Them Qualify Themselves

Stop Qualifying Your Prospects..Let Them Qualify Themselves

When you qualify a prospect, you automatically stop listening to their needs and listen to what you think the Dr. would like.

Each caller should be treated like family, regardless if they are paying with Care Credit, or writing a check for $50K.
I find that Dr’s are telling their receptionist and office managers to qualify their leads. Why? when you are paying for each call.

You want quality leads, get better quality marketing. Tired of people asking for price and shopping around?

Rethink your approach.

Prospects don’t know anything about your practice, so they have to choose on price, number of reviews, recommendations from friends and family and location.

Instead of qualifying, bond with them, ask them questions about why they are looking for a procedure. Ask them what it would mean for them personally and professionally if they had it done.

Have a conversation with a prospect just like you would a close friend.
They would remember you for that and say, you know what…i like this place. I feel comfortable knowing that they understand me. It goes a very long way.

You see, I believe practices are doing away with connecting with their prospects altogether. They would rather do that during the consult, when it should be at that very first call.

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