Consultation Request

Prescription Without Diagnosis is Malpractice

You don't begin treating your patient without listening to them and asking the right questions before you prescribe a solution.

If you did that, they'll quickly find a new dentist.

The same thing applies here.
Every prospective client of mine has unique challenges that needs a custom solution. This is all about establishing a mutual understanding.

What to expect.

I typically have two calls with a potential client.

On the first call, we'll simply be asking each other questions about where you are in your business, where you'd like to be and what you think is stopping you from getting there. No sales pressure or obligation.

I got nothing to sell, my only job is to learn more about the challenges you face.
Then we both decide if we should continue. I don't work with everyone. If there's something there, we'll set a date and time for the next call.

On the second call, we will discuss the issues more in depth.

Now this might get a little uncomfortable from time to time because we’re going to look at it in a lot of detail, and in order for you to get the most value out of this call, we need to really dig deep - and that can be slightly uncomfortable for some people - is that okay?

Choose a date and time that's convenient for you to have a call.