About Me

About Me

Humble beginnings

Right out of Baruch college, I was looking for my start and found it in Online marketing. Even took an exam to be qualified in it (how cute). I applied to everything I saw. Few days later, I got a call from one of the largest B2B agencies in the world. “Hey Stephen, we saw your resume and we’re impressed with your qualifications, how’s your calendar looking for Thursday at 3PM?” ( No pressure).

Did the interview. Nailed It. Got the job.

That following Monday, on the top floor, in a conference office overlooking the NYC skyline, the CEO welcomed me to the team. “Everyone, this is Stephen Lessey, he’ll be giving us more transparency with the London paid search accounts and will be managing new and existing clients moving forward”…Then panic sunk in.

They put me in charge of $3.2 MM in ad spend

I had to roll up my sleeves, make mistakes and learn quickly how to get it done. It turned from 6 months, to 2 years to 5.

Things were going great, even felt that it was time to settle down and got engaged, not knowing that the following week was my last. They simply didn’t have a need for it anymore and could outsource it to someone else for less. That call to my Fiancé was rough.

I was suddenly jobless, about to get married (how was I going to pay for it?) and had to move to the Poconos. Something had to give.

Could you explain this?

My wife landed a job as a nanny in the Lehigh Valley area of PA.  As the family and my wife began working together, they had the “So what does your husband do?” conversation. Turned out, her husband owned an agency in the Lehigh Valley and they just let someone go. A position I was perfect for!

Did the interview. Nailed it. Got the job.

In this role, I worked with clients in manufacturing, dental practices, law firms and other industries. Went up the ladder to  be an account executive. Things were looking steady for once.

Then it happened again. But this time, it was different…

I remember it clearly. I walked in at 7:08AM on a Tuesday like I always did to start at 8AM. My boss walks in at 7:43AM and tells me to come to the conference room. I did as he asked, with the “Oh shit” feeling in my stomach as I took a seat. “Stephen, we’re closing the agency on Friday. Give your clients a call, because I’m handing them over to you.”

That was 3 years ago, and I’ve been running my own agency since then. Along with everything that comes with it.  But I absolutely love it. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that I’m not ripping clients off and do what I promised them: Take their dental practice to new levels that they’ve always wanted.

I’m looking to win new clients over to our side away from those downright evil (Ok not evil…but not as good) agencies and consultants  that over promise and sugarcoat turds.